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Our job is to assist busy conveyancers with their search report requirements and more

Our knowledge and understanding of the conveyancing business enables us to fully appreciate the needs of our clients

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We can alleviate much of your conveyancing workload by managing the property search element, an essential part of the process. With one phone call, email or online instruction an order can be placed, safe in the knowledge that with our experience and expertise your request will be processed quickly and accurately. All your requirements satisfied in one place.

Supported by a national network of independent agents, we are fully experienced and trained to deal with all of your requests, from simple residential properties to more complex multi plot developments and commercial sites. Whether you are dealing with a single property or multiple sites, SwiftQuest has the resources to help you.

Our confidence inspiring service is centred on producing high quality accurate reports in combination with the assurance of guaranteed timely delivery.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail ensuring that every enquiry is investigated comprehensively. We endeavour to deliver all reports within a maximum of 5 days. But if your requirement is urgent, we can offer a premium 48 hour expedited service*


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What we do

local authority searches

The standard Local Authority Search we offer comprises the LLC1 Local Land Charges entries plus a comprehensive report covering all aspects of the planning history, building regulations and all other plans and schemes which affect the plot or property. Our easy to read report follows the format of the Law Society's Part 1 Enquiries of a Local Authority CON29 Form (revised 2016). Part 2 Optional Enquiries, as required, are also investigated and included in the report.

We offer both Official and Regulated Personal Local Authority Searches.


The Law Society recommends that a CON29 DW drainage and water search is undertaken as part of every property purchase in England and Wales (Law Society Conveyancing Handbook).

Drainage and Water searches which were performed by the local authorities are now carried out  by the Water Utility companies.

We will administer the ordering and delivery of these reports from any of the Drainage and Water Utility Companies nationwide.

Drainage & Water Reports


We administer the ordering and delivery of Residential and Commercial Environmental Risk Reports from any of the major environmental report companies such as;

A variety of reports are available in different versions for Residential and Commercial properties, all in standard legal format.

We can advise which report may best apply to a specific conveyance.

Environmental Reports

MINING Reports

Ground Stability issues have received much press and are becoming a growing concern within the conveyancing industry. We offer a variety of ground stability related reports including;

We can advise which report may best apply to a specific conveyance.

Mining Reports


EPC and Floor Plans

Since December 2007, a certificate is required by all property owners intending to let or put their home on the market. For a Domestic property, whether for sale or letting, an EPC is valid for 10 years and must be made available to any prospective purchaser or tenant at the earliest opportunity before sale or letting. EPCs are only required for new lettings and sales. Completed Energy Performance Certificates are valid for 10 years on a domestic or commercial property. However, if any changes to the thermal elements of a property are carried out a new report or updated report is required.

Looking for an Energy Performance Certificate today? 


  • Energy and Transportation

  • Flood search

  • Highways Searches

  • Planning Reports

  • Chancel Repair 

  • Utility Reports

  • Company Searches

Please ask us for more information concerning the specialist reports that are available for more complex conveyances.

Utility, HS2 & Crossrail, Highways, Flood Example Reports


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